Aesthetics of Simple Living

Mumbiram has had an enduring admiration for Mahatma Gandhi. Even as a teenager, Mumbiram had tried to starch and press his own clothes just as he had read Gandhiji had done as a young man. He had thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of exhilaration that he experienced from doing something that he believed in even when others found it impractical, even stubborn. He has sincerely shared Gandhijis penchant for beauty in simplicity.
Ever since Mumbiram came back to India after leaving America, he has used khadi fabrics and has clothes tailored to his own designs. Besides that, he has almost exclusively used handmade paper made out of one-hundred percent cotton rags for his charcoal and watercolor art. 

"Surekha has it figured out", Mumbiram
"She will also paint" by Mumbiram
"Salma will gladly wait" by Mumbiram

Inspiring Moments at the Gandhi Ashram in Sevagram