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Enjoy this interactive PDF Presentation about the Rasa Renaissance Movement that Mumbiram has conceived and propagated these last years. 


Rasa Renaissance

was conceived in humble but soulful circumstances, yet prospered in great elan and great joy for all participants from diverse walks of life and diverse life circumstances. 

Rasa Renaissance is clearly an idea whose time has come. It took one man’s foresight and courage to usher it in and show by personal practice the limitless fulfillment that we were all deprived of all these years. 

Rasa (Sanskrit) stands for ’emotional fulfillment’ or ‘nectar’. The ancient ‘Rasa Theory of Aesthetic Appreciation’ has existed in India for millenniums, predominently in the art of dance and literature.
Artist Mumbiram’s romantically intertwined art and life has brought Rasa into the domain of visual art. There is a lot to be shared and appreciated in this Universe of Rasa.


Mumbiram’s studio in the heart of Pune, directly at the busy vegetable Mandai market place, became a legendary place. Mumbiram’s atelier saw a steady stream of visitors belonging to the folk people of the downtrodden ‘lowest’ castes and tribes of India on the one hand. On the other hand there were art lovers from far corners of the world amazed to discover an indigenous art that is not overwhelmed by ‘western’ influences. The Mandai studio became the cradle of Rasa Renaissance.

The people that appear in Mumbiram’s artistic world have been his real-life muses.

Why has Mumbiram called them Pulinda Muses ?

"Forest Women visit Krishna and the Gopis", Oil on Canvas, 1985, Pune, Mumbiram

The masterpiece of the “Forest Women” prominently emphasises Mumbiram’s approach to art, society and spirituality making it the flagship of Rasa Renaissance.

पूर्णाः पुलिन्द्य उरुगाय पदाब्जरागःश्रीकुंकुमेन दयितास्तनमण्डितेन

तद्दर्शनस्मररुजस्तृणरूषितेन लिम्पन्त्य आननकुचेषु जहुः तदाधिम्

The “Forest Women” painting is based on this unique verse of Shrimad Bhagavatam. Mumbiram’s unique interpretation of it has led to the enchanting message of a ‘Universal Paradigm of Divine Love’.

Video Trilogy about Rasa Renaissance taking wings in Mumbiram’s studio in a dilapidated house in downtown Pune….

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