Mumbiram & Party in Sevagram 2007 (2) The Spinners of Bapu Kuty
Charkha Inspiration at Bapu Kuti

Gandhiji had chosen Wardha as it happened to be roughly the geographic center of the Indian subcontinent. There he would retire to while the agitations that he inspired raged in towns and villages all over India. The viceroy Lord Linlithgow is said to have installed a telephonic hot-line for the exclusive use of the Mahatma. Bapu Kuty was the center of Sevagram Ashram where Gandhiji resided and from where he guided the movements that he inspired.

The residents of Sevagram are inspired to always be engaged, to be punctual and to set good example for visitors about activities that were dear to Gandhiji. Jinu had told Mumbiram that every day around 10 in the morning she spins on her Charkha at the Bapu Kuti. As soon as they were settled in their residence at Rustam Bhavan, Mumbiram and Party headed to Bapu Kuti.

At the northern veranda of Bapu Kuti Jalandar was about to set up his folding Charkha to start spinning. Jalandar was a stout young man of peaceful, gentle and friendly demeanor. He was also a man of very few words. Everything was frugal about him. He was sitting on a narrow strip of a carpet that was just long enough to accommodate exactly one guest on his side. Hansraj found Jalandar quite easy and approachable.

Jinu arriving at Bapu Kuti

Jinu was very happy that the new visitors had shown up at Bapu Kuti to watch her and Jalandar spin on their Charkhas.

Mumbiram was elated to see Jalandhar's meditative approach
Jalandhar is indeed an artist at heart

 Mumbiram was already planning a portrait of Jalandar engaged in his favorite activity.

Vrinda and Hansraj learned from Jinu a lot about Spinning
Gandhiji would have been happy to see Charkha spinning being practised earnestly in Bapu Kuti