“Alice Cooper washing Mumbiram’s Hair”
“Alice Cooper washing Mumbiram’s Hair”, Seattle, 1975, Mumbiram

In 1975, Seattle’s Capitol Hill was a mixed neighborhood of young and poor. Mumbiram was a welcome guest in many homes. Some of the fondest memories of America that Mumbiram cherishes are connected with people that had enjoyed simple loving friendship with him in Seattle. Aline Beck, Judith Lundberg, Gina Johnson, Alice Cooper, Vatsara Das, Candace Kleeb, Rikki Sara (Mukund) are some names that meant a lot to the young artist. They all came from different ethnic and social backgrounds. Alice Cooper was an Afro-American woman passionate about athletics. This ink-and-brush work is typical of Mumbiram’s style in that period. Unfortunately much of these works were destroyed by an overzealous devotee in the Portland Oregon Krishna Temple a year later.

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