“गर्द सभोती रान साजणी..” “This is a thick dark forest And you are delicate as a bud of Champak flower”

गर्द सभोती रान साजणी

तू तर चाफेकळी

“This is a thick dark forest all around here
And you are delicate as a bud of Champak flower

काय हरवले सांग शोधिसी या यमुनेच्या जळी

Haven´t you lost something, tell me
what you are searching for here along these waters of the Yamuna?”

ती वनमाला म्हणे नृपाळा हे तर माझे घर
पाहत बसते मी तर येथे जललहरी सुंदर

Beautiful as a garland of forest flowers, she replied,
“O King, this is my home. I pass time here looking at
these beautiful waves in the water”

रात्रीचे वनदेव पाहुनी भुलतिल रमणी तुला

“Alas the demigods of the forest in the night will certainly
be lured by your beauty when they see you

तू वनराणी दिसे भुवनि ना तुझिया रूपा तुला

You are the queen of this forest
and your beauty is incomparable

अर्धस्मित तव मंद मोहने पसरे गालावरी 1

अर्धस्मित तव मंद मोहने पसरे गालावरी

As I see the bewitching gentle half smile
spread across your cheeks

भुलले तुजला हृदय साजणी, ये चल माझ्या घरी

My own heart is captured by you
Come with me to my home”.

Our Sovereign Artist has encountered this “queen of the forest delicate as a bud of the Champak flower” in the very early morning hours of the Vasant season. This was March-April of 2004 when Mumbiram and Vrinda were living at Dashrath-Mangaltai´s Raut Galli house in Akshi. This is the same thorny patch of forest that had to be crossed to come out at the ocean that we saw when Raja Ram Mohan Roy had appeared at high noon on a walk to the ocean.

Except here the camera is in Mumbiram´s hand, mostly.

The poem that is amazingly fitting the leela is a little known very short sweet work of the celebrated Marathi poet Balkavi. Many will agree that Marathi poetry saw its zenith in romance that was ensconed in gentleness, honesty and innocence in this poet´s work. Maybe Borkar, Kusumagraj and Padgaokar came close.

Balkavi´s real personal life was famously tragic. We read about it in Laxmibai Tilak´s “Smritichitre”. The poet´s life came to an abrupt end at a tragic mishap on the railway tracks at a very early age. His young wife survived him to live to ripe old age. She has blamed the abuse by the poet´s elder brother and his wife for the poet´s unhappy married life.

Mumbiram`s own personal life could have turned out to be a similar tragedy. Instead Mumbiram has avenged the tragedies that his heroes underwent. His artist grandfather was one example that comes to mind. This poet might be another.

The poem was set to music by maestro Jitendra Abhisheki when it appeared in a popular Marathi musical drama. It has been sung by many singers ever since. The rendition by Jitendraji´s daughter Mekhla is exquisite.

Neither Mumbiram (and certainly) nor Vrinda were aware of Balkavi´s amazing composition when they were inspired to these very same rasa ecstasies. The sheer coincidence and congruence make your trust in the creator´s merciful grace stronger.