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Be one of the Frontline Early Well-Wishers of the
emergent Rasa Renaissance Movement

Mumbiram spared himself no hardships in his unprecedented efforts
to get the Rasa Renaissance idea on the Wings
Future Rasa Artists won’t have to endure any such ordeals !

Mumbiram’s “Rasa Renaissance” is conceived
as a Movement everybody can be part of

The so-called Modern Art of the 20th century seemed to exist for
the academic and the investor.
The lay viewer was considered too unintelligent to ‘understand’ the esoteric profundity
(sheer lack of any Rasa !) in the Modern Artwork

Rasa Renaissance hopes to free Art of Painting from
the tyranny of Big MoneyBags !
Use of online facilities has enabled Mumbiram to stay away from Art Agents, Galleries
and Auction Houses, yet remain accessible for his admirers.
In the “Age of Rasa Renaissance”
everybody can be an art-patron and an art-collector.

Three ways to align yourself to the Rasa Renaissance Movement:

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Rasa Art is created through a soulful interaction between the Artist, the Muses
as also the Admirers/Art Lovers.
That is how Rasa Renaissance brings Rasa into the art of contemporary painting.
That is how Rasa Art unleashes the mighty potential of Art

“Art should redden the west as much as the east.
Art should bridge the gap between man and woman.
Art is to bridge the gap between the space age
and the bow-and- arrow age.
Art should be the great antidote
for the maladies of the Material World.
Art should render economic disparity toothless.
Art should give wings to man.”