Mumbiram’s grandfather artist Shankar Hari Godbole, S.H.Godbole, was the leading watercolor landscape painter of his times, taught art at Pune’s St.Vincent High School between 1910-1942. In the 1930s he became the secretary of the Pune branch of the Bombay Art Society. S.H.Godbole was a close friend and associate of Chitrakalacharya N.E. Puram, whose forte was watercolor portraiture. Artist Puram and Godbole were two important influences on the young child Mumbiram. His grandfather was Mumbiram’s living example of an artist who had devoted his life to art. There could not have been any better art school than learning from that master himself. In the article “Search of Art that transcends Culture”, published in Marathi in Ravivar Sakal by Mumbiram in 1985 that early influence is described as very touching and idealistic episode in Mumbiram’s life.

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