Legendary Studio

Mumbiram grew up in this ‘lofty’ place on top of the “Lala Lajpatrai Restaurant”. It was plumb in the middle of Pune. It used to be the busiest and liveliest place in the whole town, verily its center of gravity.

Mumbiram was very happy to realize that Krishna had arranged for him the bamboo lane on one side of that abode and cows feeding on the vegetables on the other.

The house was built in the 1930’s in a historically important part of Pune. Mumbiram was born on the cusp of Indian independence. The atmosphere was full of hope and expectation of a new India where everybody’s dreams could come true. Lala Lajpatrai was a freedom fighter from Punjab. Mumbiram was a prodigous child artist. Mumbiram’s father had a successful lawyer’s practice ther over a span of 40 years. He was a popular public figure and was elected 3 times to the civic body. Mumbiram gave up art and devoted himself to academics. Mumbiram had a brilliant academic career culminating in his graduating at the top of his class from the famous College of Engineering of Pune.

early mumbiram stepping out of his Mandai studio in Pune
On the terrace on top of Mumbram's Mandai studio in Pune copy
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